Hier finden Sie unsere täglich frisch zubereiteten Speisen für die Gaststube und Weinstube (Oeli).

Asparagus salad with lolo rosso and smoked ham
½ Portion Asparagus with breadcrumb, sauce vinaigrette and sauce Choron
Spinach salad with strawberry with cottage cheese
Lamb’s lettuce with egg and bacon
Green salad roasted seeds
Asparagus cream soup with whipped cream and poppy seed
Carrot ginger soup with Manjok chips
Crépes filled with mushroom-ragout
Portion Asparagus with breadcrumb, sauce vinaigrette and sauce Choron
Angler fish filled with dried tomatoes and mushroom with vegetables noodles
Fish of the day
Portion Asparagus with smoked ham and butter
Veal Cordon Bleu filled with gorgonzola, pear, bündner meat (not breaded) served with asparagus-grapes-ragout
Escalope of veal with carotts
Sliced veal Zurich style with a mushroom cream sauce vegetables
Fillet of beef marinated with herbs oil served with asparagus ragout
Beefsteak Tatar with Pommery mustard and cognac, toast and butter
Fillet of foal served with chocolate sauce with sweet potato ragout
Poulard with asparagus-tomatoes-ragout accompanied by sherry-raspberry sauce
Pappardelle Stampkartoffeln Rösti Risotto des Tages Spätzli
Strawberry panna cotta
Crème brûlée
Strawberry ragout marinated with lime-green tea acceto into apple basket with vanilla ice
Coupe Romanoff
Apple beignets with lukewarm vanilla sauce